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Livestock Sales Reports - Huntly

Wednesday 26 January 2022

United Auctions (Wednesday 26 January 2022) sold 1241 prime sheep. 

Old Season Lambs (812) SQQ averaged 260.2p sold to 307p per kg for 41kg Beltex’s from Auchairn, Keith and to £150 gross for 59kg Tex from North Dorlaithers, Turriff. 

Hoggs would be sharper on the week in particular mid weights with well fleshed lambs in great demand.  Ewes would be similar to the week with tups seeing a rise in value, many more could have been sold to meet buyers demand.Top price being £205 for a texel tup from South Easterton ,Hatton.

OSL (812)- Suf – £133 Sanquhar, 279p Kinnermit; SufX - £131.50 Nether Blairmaud, 277p Auchairn; Tex - £144 Berryleys, 299p Auchairn; TexX - £142 Berryleys, 297p Red Roofs; Cont - £140 North Dorlaithers, 293p Bridges; Chev - £133 The Mill House, 260p Daies; Mule - £131 Honeysuckle, 257p Auchairn; BF - £16 Rivestone, 275p Daies; Bel - £126 Auchairn, 297p 52 Conval Street; Chev/Mule - £127 Honeysuckle, 271p Auchairn; Cross - £132 Hillhead, 275p Rivestone; 

EWES (429) – SufX – £157 Davmor; SufX - £148 Auchincreive; TexX - £150 The Byre; TexX - £144 2 Yonder Bognie; Cont - £144 Remiggy; Chev - £118 Davmor; Mule - £121 Corskellie; GF - £115 Corskellie; BF - £98 52 Conval Street; Cross - £138 Auchincreive; CHM - £134 Berryleys; Dorset - £118 6 Deveron Park; BelX - £126 South Greycairn

RAMS – Suf - £101 Little Cantly; SufX - £90 Newbigging of Leslie;Tex - £205 South Easterton; Bel - £142 Little Cantly; TexX - £180 North Dorlaithers; BF - £96 Murray Park; Hamp - £142 South Easterton; Zwar - £150 Wester Leys

Thursday 20 January 2022

United Auctions (Thursday 20 January 2022) sold 249 store and OTM cattle.

Store cattle met a keen demand again with some very well-bred cattle being on offer.  Both forward types and yearlings sold to a well-supported ringside of buyers with many still keen to purchase more numbers.

BLKS (119) sold to average 241p per kg selling to a top of 282p per kg for a pair of 382kg LimX’s from Barnyards of Badenyouchers, Cornhill.  Top gross being £1340 for a pen of four AAX’s from East Murkle, Thurso.

HFRS (118) sold to an average 231p per kg selling to a top of 281.5p per kg for a 405kg CharX from Myreton, Insch.  Top gross being £1310 for a 615kg LimX from Boghead, Dufftown.

OTMs (22) sold to an average of 147.6p per kg, selling to a top of 166.2p per kg for a 975kg Sim from Corskie, Garmouth.  Top gross being £1620 for the same animal.

BLKS – 251-300kg – £680, 226.7p Blelack, Dinnet; 301-350kg - £820, 244.8p Barnyards of Badenyouchers, Cornhill; 351-400kg - £1100, 288p Barnyards of Badenyouchers; 401-450kg - £1205 Myreton, Insch, 284.1p Harestone, Banchory; 451-500kg - £1235, 268.5p Myreton, Insch; 501-551kg - £1215, 235.5p Boghead, Dufftown; 552-601kg - £1340, 229.8p East Murkle, Thurso; 602-651kg - £1315, 208.4p Swanford, New Deer.

HFRS – 251 - 300kg – £640, 224.6p Ballindalloch, Huntly; 301-350kg - £860, 249.3p Barnyards of Badenyouchers; 351-400kg - £1080, 270p Tocherford, Wartle; 401-450kg - £1180, 256.5p Myreton, Insch; 501-551kg - £1180 Rosarie, Keith, 218.8p Gates of Birselawsie; 552-601kg - £1120, 200p Boghead, Dufftown; 602-651kg - - £1310, 213p Boghead, Dufftown.

OTMs (22) – Sim - £1620, 166.2p Corskie, Garmouth; SimX - £1560, 163.5p Corskie, Garmouth; BS - £1470, 153.6p Corskie, Garmouth; AA - £1110, 163.2p Blelack, Dinnet; Lim - £890, 123.9p Upper Blairnain, Aberlour


Monday 3 January 2022

United Auctions held the annual “Huntly Hotties” sale of in-lamb and pedigree sheep on Monday 3 January 2022.  

A catalogued entry of 89 sheep were forward from some of the North East of Scotlands “Top” flocks. A nice show of sheep was presented before a crowd who respectfully adhered by Covid-19 regulations that are still currently in place.

Top price of the night was 850Gns for a Texel gimmer from Messrs Robert H Wilson, North Dorlaithers, Turriff (Milnbank). Sired by “Ellon Valley Ceasar” she sold carrying twins to Mr Ross Adam, Newton of Haddo.

Topping the Bluefaced Leicester sections was a gimmer from Mrs C Milne, Speymouth. Sired by an “Allanfauld” Sire she sold carrying a single lamb to a Midlock Sire to Miss K Morton, Lochend, Denny at 750gns.

In the Beltex section top price was a gimmer from Messrs CG Mair, Everton of Auchry, Cummingstown. Sired by “Withy Trees Defender”. She sold carrying triplets to “Ryder Enrique”.  Purchasing her for 650gns was F Burke, Mid Deny, Angus.
Wilson, Milnbank  550GNS
Wilson, Milnbank  500GNS
Knox, Haddo  500GNS        
Leggat, Foreman Hill    450GNS

Milne Kennieshillock     650GNS
Millican, Hassiewells    650GNS
Millican, Hassiewells    600GNS

Mair, Aviemore    650GNS
Mair, Aviemore    400GNS
Williams, Blackjack  400GNS

Reid, Muirton  400GNS

Ingram, Logie-Durno  400GNS

Ingram, Logie Durno    380GNS

Hunter, Glen  500GNS
Simmons, Ruthven  350GNS


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