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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

Thursday 15 April 2021

United Auctions (Thursday 15 April 2021) sold 4623 prime sheep comprising 60 spring lambs average 356.20ppk, 3836 prime hoggs average 309.67ppk also 727 ewes and rams.
New Season Lambs (60) – Langside (Suf) 169.50; Pyeston (Suf) £168.00; Catcune (Suf) £167.00 & £166.00; Balnagarrow (Tex) £166.00; Cauldcoates (Tex) £164.00; Balnagarrow (Cont) £166.00 & £159.50; Greystone (Zwa) £126.00.
New Season Lambs (60) – Langside (Cha) 385.00ppk; Balnagarrow (Cont) 374.00ppk; Balnagarrow (Tex) 369.00ppk; Cauldcoates (Tex) 364.00ppk; Gillbank (Suf) 367.00ppk; Hallhill (Suf) 365.00ppk; Glenrath (Suf) 364.00ppk; Catcune (Suf) 363.00ppk.
Old Season Lambs (3836) – Harviesmailing (BTex) £179.00; Easter Ochtermuthill (BTex) £176.00; Luckenburn (BTex) £174.00; Grangefield (Tex) £170.00; Netherton (Tex) £163.00; Cauldcoates (Tex) £162.00; Raecruick (Tex) £160.00; Broomknowes (Suf) £152.00; Carriber Mill (Suf) £149.00; Raecruick (Suf) £148.00; Nether Strathkinnes (Chev) £151.00; Glencairn (Chev) £149.00; Nether Strathkinnes (Chev) £147.00 & £145.00 x2; Raecruick (Mule) £146.00; Yorkston (Mule) £140.00; Coates & Lahill Craig (Mule) £135.00; Snawdon (BF) £145.00, £144.00 & £143.00; Wardhead (BF) £142.50; Glendamph (BF) £141.00.
Old Season Lambs (3836) – Harviesmailing (BTex) 398.00ppk; Easter Ochtermuthill (BTex) 377.00ppk; Luckenburn & Harviesmailing (BTex) 376.00ppk; Easter Bucklyvie (Tex) 369.00ppk; West Whitefield (Tex) 349.00ppk; Kinclaven (Tex) 345.00ppk; Grangefield (Chev) 341.00ppk & 340.00ppk; Snawdon (Chev) 334.00ppk x3; Nether Strathkinnes (Chev) 331.00ppk x2; Meggernie (BF) 323.00ppk; Mid Auchencarroch (BF) 320.00ppk; Wardhead (BF) 319.00ppk; Bogburn (BF) 319.00ppk x2; Ardtornish (Suf) 316.00ppk; Grangefield (Suf) 313.00ppk; Bogburn (Suf) 312.00ppk; Bogburn (Mule) 310.00ppk; Baledmund, Coates & Wardhead (Mule) 295.00ppk; Easter Bucklyvie (Mule) 287.00ppk.
Ewes (727) – Mains of Cairnies (Tex) £214.00; Townhead (Tex) £197.00; South Dundonald (Tex) £193.00; Broomknowes & Dalachy (Tex) £187.00; Chalmerstone (Suf) £185.00; Broomknowes (Suf) £179.00; Pyeston (Suf) £177.00; Chalmerstone (BTex) £169.00; South Dundonald & Townhead (Cont) £166.00; Chalmerstone (Cont) £164.00; Keil & Chalmerstone (SufX) £164.00; Masterfield (TexX) £162.00; Kinclaven (TexX) £160.00; Keil (HB) £164.00; Easter Middleton (HB) £150.00 x2; Assloss (BFL) £150.00; Lahill Craig (Cha) £148.00; Lahill Craig (Mule) £136.00; Townhead (Mule) £130.00; Lahill Craig (Mule) £129.00; Halflawkiln (Mule) £128.50; Greystone (Zwa) £128.00; Mains of Careston (Chev) £127.00; Bornich (Chev) £108.00; Glendamph (BF) £121.00; Auchenrivoch (BF) £116.00; Yorkston (BF) £114.00; Dalchirla & Townhead (BF) £110.00.

Tups – Broomknowes (Tex) £170.00; Druimoider (Tex) £158.00; Auchenflower (Tex) £139.00; West Park (Suf) £159.00; Auchenflower (Suf) £155.00; Cauldcoates (Suf) £140.00; Whinnyhall (BFL) £142.00; Mains of Careston (Chev) £132.00; Skelmorlie Mains (BF) £116.00.  

Wednesday 14 April 2021

United Auctions (Wednesday 14 April 2021) sold 2088 store cattle, native bred cattle and young bulls, 20 breeding cattle, 139 out of spec cattle, cast cows and bulls also 593 store and breeding sheep.

Bullocks (1098)– averaged 251.09p to 345.10p per kg for a 184kg BRBX from East Drumlemble, and to £1700 for a 686kg AAX from High Unthank.
Dairy Bullocks (68)– averaged 214.28p to 246.20p per kg for a 394kg MRIX from Moat Mains, £1220 for a 584kg BFX from Wester Mye.
Heifers (897)– averaged 243.77p to 321.60p per kg for a 185kg BRBX from East Drumlemble, and to £1520 for a 499kg SimX from Putechan.
Young Bulls (25)- averaged 220.13p to 242.20p per kg for a LimX from Priesthaugh, and to £1320 for a AAX from Laigh Highgate.
Beef Cows and Bulls (89) – averaged 165.41p to 233.20p per kg for a LimX from Woodhead of Mailer, and to £1890 for a LimX from Over Finlarg.
Dairy Cows (36)- averaged 144.77p to 174.50p per kg for a MOX from Bandirran, and to £1470 for a HFX from Falside.
Out of Spec Cattle (14)- averaged 162.86p to 216.60p per kg for a AAX from Ayton Cocklaw, and to £1510 for a AAX from Mosshall.
Bullocks: Up to 250kgs- Bankhead £670, East Drumlemble 345.10p; 251-300kgs- Pyeston £890, Gateside 328.80p; 301-350kgs- Little Pinkerton £1020, Pyeston 317.90p; 351-400kgs- Goodockhill £1110, Craighead 283.30p; 401-450kgs- Saddel Home Farm £1170, Putechan 275.40p; 451-500kgs- South Ballaird £1290, Vogrie Farms 266.40p; 501-551kgs- High Unthank £1370, Longloch Farming 263.10p; 552-601kgs- High Unthank £1550, 264.50p; 602-651kgs- High Unthank £1650, 264.40p; 652-701kgs- High Unthank £1700, Hexpath 247.80p.
Heifers: Up to 250kgs- Gateside £745, East Drumlemble 321.60p; 251-300kgs- Pyeston £770, 304.30p; 301-350kgs- Over Finlarg £945, 276.30p; 351-400kgs- Saddel Home Farm £1070, 269.50p; 401-450kgs- Demperston £1200, 277.80p; 451-500kgs- Putechan £1520, 304.60p; 501-551kgs- Putechan £1500, 280.40p; 552-601kgs- Shannacher £1465, 251.70p; 602-651kgs- Pennytersal £1330, 210.40p; 652-701kgs- Victoria £1470, 225.50p.
Young Bulls: Up to 250kgs- East Cauldcoates £570, 255.10p; 301-350kgs- Easter Clunie £740, 218.90p; 351-400kgs- Monzie £960, Priesthaugh 242.20p; 401-450kgs- Gateside £970, 238.90p; 451-500kgs- Shields £1135, 235.50p; 501-551kgs- Easterton £1155, 223.00p; 602-651kgs- Laigh Highgate £1320, 217.10p.
OTM Cows:                             
£ per head- Over Finlarg (Lim) £1890, Broombrae (Sim) £1750, Harviesmailing (SD) £1710, Woodhead of Mailer (AA) £1690, Linross (CH) £1510, Falside (HF) £1470, Bandirran (MO) £1350, Half Mark (Sal) £1350, West Mains (SH) £1350.
PPK- Woodhead of Mailer (Lim) 233.20p, Half Mark (Sal) 201.10p, Redheugh (Sim) 187.30p, Harviesmailing (SD) 186.70p, Mosshall (AA) 180.70p, Redheugh (SH) £177.20p, Linross (CH) 175.20p, Bandirran (MO) 174.50p, Falside (HF) 167.80p.
OTM Bulls:
£ per head– Easter Clunie (Lim) £1950, Balthayock (CH) £1710, Gateside (Sim) £1490, Mosside of Gight  (AA) £1370, Commonside (Lui) £1370.
PPK- Gateside (CH) 228.00p, Gateside (Lim) 210.20p, Commonside (Lui) 172.10p, Mosside of Gight (AA) 157.10p, Gateside (Sim) 142.70p.
Out of Spec Cattle:
£ per head- Mosshall (AA) £1510, Ballikinrain (Lim) £1170, Bankhead of Balcurvie (HF) £1030.
PPK- Ayton Cocklaw (AA) 216.60p, Gateside (CH) 203.40p, Ballikinrain (Lim) 193.50p.

Breeding Cattle:
Cows with calves at foot-
Starchmill (SH cow with heifer calf) £2100.
Starchmill (Sim cow with bull calf) £2000.
Blair Mains (Sim cow with heifer calf) £1880.
Upper Thainston (Sim cow with bull calf) £1880.
Upper Thainston (Sim cow with heifer calf) £1780.
South Brownhill (BA cow with bull calf) £1720.

Store & Breeding Sheep:
Store sheep-
Druimoider (Che) £129.00; Arisaig (Che) £94.00; Pennygown (Che) £90.00; Ardachay (TexX ewe hoggs) £122.00; Druimoider (TexX ewe hoggs) £119.00; West Glensheraig (TexX) £110.00; Clunebeg (TexX) £97.00; Balgowan (Mule) £122.00 & £105.00; Pennygown (Hamp) £108.00; Balgowan (BF) £80.00; Carstraan (BF) £79.00; Tullochmhor (BF) £74.00.
Breeding sheep-
Masterfield (Tex ewes with single BTexX lambs) £120.00
Mill of Inverarity (Tex ewes with single Tex lambs) £115.00
Mill of Inverarity (Tex ewes with twin Tex lambs) £113.00
Westhill (Mule ewes with single TexX lambs) £90.00
Craighead (Mule ewes with twin TexX lambs) £89.00


Monday 12 April 2021

United Auctions (Monday 12 April 2021) sold 805 store cattle at their annual “Perth” sale including 35 east area young farmers calves.
Bullocks (445) – averaged 259.9p to 330.20p per kg for a pen of 427kg LimX from Monzie Farms and £1510 for a 586kg LimX from Ballechin.
Heifers (442) – averaged 254.67p to 438.60p per kg for a 456kg LimX from Stanley and £2000 for the same animal.

Leading prices per head and per kg:
Store Cattle
Bullocks-  Upto 250kg – Kinneswood £600.00, 272.70ppk; 301-350kgs- Monzie £1070, 313.80p; 351-400kgs- Little Inch £1110, Kinneswood 298.60p; 401-450kgs- Monzie Farm £1410, 330.20p; 451-500kgs- Holehouse £1400, 301.10p; 501-551kgs- Wester Bonhard £1470, 275.00p; 552-601kgs- Ballechin £1510, Wester Bonhard 264.40p; 602-651kg- Letham £1450, 227.0p.

Heifers- 301-350kgs- Little Inch £1040, 302.30p; 351-400kgs- Little Inch £1260, 329.80p; 401-450kgs- Stanley £1400, 335.00p; 451-500kgs- Stanley £2000, 438.60p; 501-551kgs- Wester Bonhard £1900, 368.20p; 552-601kgs- Letham £1420, 239.10p; 602-651kg- Balthayock £1590, 247.70ppk.

Young Farmers Prize List

Weight Gain – (D.L.W.G)
1st – Ewan Barr – Edinburgh – 1.14kg per day 
2nd – Hazel Laird – West Fife – 1.13kg per day
3rd – A Brunton - East Fife & A MacKenzie – Strathearn – 1.12kg per day

1st – Scott Barr – West Fife – 1.57kg per day
2nd – Craig Barr – West Fife – 1.30kg per day
3rd – A Brunton - East Fife & G Barr – West Fife - 1.20kg per day

Profit (%)
1st – Hazel Laird – West Fife – (159%)
2nd – Emma Cheape – Kinross – (90%)
3rd – Johnana Mitchell – Kinross – (82%)

1st – Hazel Laird – West Fife  - (74%)
2nd – Scott Barr – West Fife – (62%)
3rd – A MacKenzie – Strathearn – (53%)


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